Locking after Autologon using Wizmo

We occasionally have to setup a server to autologon after a re-boot.

This is usually required to support an application that needs to be logged on e.g. to perform data updates every 12 hours.

Autologon can be achieved by following the instructions in the following Microsoft article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324737

However, once logged on the desktop is accessible by anyone. For instance you may have a remote terminal application like VNC running for remote access to the server – if someone tried to connect the server IP using VNC they will get immediate access to the desktop without having to enter a password.

We needed some way of locking the desktop immediately after logging on – enter ‘Wizmo’, a utility created by the great Steve Gibson at Gibson Research. Amongst the many functions of this neat utility is a locking function. You can run it from the command line as follows:

wizmo.exe lock

Just create a batch file or script file with this command and put it in the startup folder of the profile you are autologging on as.

Wizmo can be downloaded from: http://www.grc.com/wizmo/wizmo.htm

Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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