Uninstalling from the Command Line

If a programme is not appearing in add/remove programs goto the following registry location:

HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentversionUninstall[name of

If there is no modify path under the applications name then check through each GUID for the programme concerned.

Copy contents to command window and change the /I for a /X if neccessary.


MsiExec.exe /I{CDC86F04-DA60-4043-B177-B870CE081040}

The GUID is unique for each programme installed.

Change to:

MsiExec.exe /x{CDC86F04-DA60-4043-B177-B870CE081040}

This should force the programme to uninstall – you can check by seeing if the GUID entry has disappeared.

You can also use this command on any MSI install package including drivers:


MsiExec /x ‘c:driversWin_x86_SES_Driver.MSI’


See ms article for MSIExec details:


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