Windows RDP Keyboard Shortcuts

Just pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del when in an RDP session sends the keystrokes to your local desktop – how do you do Ctrl+Alt+Del in a remote desktop session? Here is how to do it and some other useful keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl+Alt+End – Equivalent of Ctrl-Alt-Del – Security dialog box is opened where you can lock, log off, change password etc.

Ctrl+Alt+Break – Toggles between full screen and window mode.

Alt+Page Up – Equivalent of Alt+Tab – switches between application windows.

Alt+Home – Equivalent of pressing start menu – opens the start menu.

Ctrl+Alt+plus sign (+) – Equivalent of Print Screen button – copies just the RDP session window not your whole screen.

Ctrl+Alt+minus sign (-) – Equivalent of Alt-Print Screen button – copies just the window that has focus within your RDP session.

Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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