BackupExec 2010 SQL Log Alerts

We started getting exception alerts in the BackupExec 2010 job logs when backing up our SQL servers:

Backup – SQL Server
V-79-40960-37914 – Database Database is configured to maintain transaction logs.  Transaction log backups are not being performed.  This will result in the log growing to fill all available disk space.  Regular log backups should be scheduled or the database should be changed to the simple recovery mode.

This was occurring for temporary and test databases that we create occasionally – our production databases are covered by log shipping and mirroring.

We decided to turn these alerts off – this only way to do this is edit the registry on the SQL server:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESymantecBackup Exec for WindowsBackup ExecEngineSQL ServerNumber of Non-Log Backups Before Warning

Set to zero to turn off completely.

See Symantec article on this at:

Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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