Scroogle is no more!

My favourite search engine has died:

Quite why some hackers had it in for Scroogle I have no idea and who exactly were they??!

To be honest it had been going down so often, due to Google throttling, that I was thinking of looking for an alternative anyway. Here is an interesting take on alternatives:

So use for your day to day searches as it has full privacy like Scroogle but if you must have Google search results, like Scroogle gave you, then use their encrypted version – Google will know what you are doing but at least no one else will.

The article above also has a link to instructions on integrating them into your browser but not for IE (especially IE9 which seems to make it difficult to add custom search engines). Use this page, despite it referring to IE7 this works for all IE versions including IE9:

By the way I have seen posts that warn against using as it is owned by Amazon – that is not the case, they simply use the Amazon EC3 cloud service to host their servers. Again use the https version and you should be fine – at least as private as you can be these days!

Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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