My Outlook 2010 address checking settings

I don’t know about you but i get very annoyed by Outlook’s address autochecking features – especially on my work machine which is connected to an Exchange server.

I find that it incorrectly assigns the wrong contact automatically and I have sent emails to the wrong contact on many occasions. This is mainly due to it assuming that the last contact you sent to must be the one you want to send to now. This means the dialog box that used to pop up in Outlook 2003 to confirm which duplicate user to send to is no longer valid as it has already resolved the contact – not what I want to do!

Here’s how I set my Outlook up:

Turn off suggested contacts located under Options (click on the file menu and choose options from the left), Contacts section:


Untick ‘Automatically create Outlook contacts…..’

Next, Turn off AutoComplete under Options, Mail, Send Messages section:


Untick the ‘Use Auto-complete list to…..’

Next, goto the Address Book from the Home menu:


Goto Tools, Options and make sure you only have All Users set:

I find these settings ensure happiness 🙂


If you have already been using Outlook for some time then you should do the following as well:

In addition you should clear your suggested contact address books – goto contacts, select Suggested Contacts, Select all and right click and delete.

Also, it was pointed out to me that you should clear the Outlook cache by starting outlook from the Start Run menu like this:

Outlook.exe /clearautocompletecache

Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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