Keyboard shortcuts for dual monitor setups

We recently changed over to using 2 monitors on most of our desktops.

This is a really useful feature which allows you view a window on one monitor whilst viewing another window on another monitor e.g. Word document on 1st monitor, internet explorer on the other.

Moving from one monitor to the other is simple – just drag your mouse pointer between monitors or drag and drop a window. It effectively extends you desktop over 2 monitors – or more if you have graphics cards that support it (you need a graphics card with dual monitor capability and/or a cable splitter offering 2 monitor connections).

Here are some keyboard shortcuts we picked up whilst using the 2 monitor setup:

  • To resize a window to go to half size on the right or left of the monitor (same as dragging window all the way to the left or right of monitor), you can use Windows Key + Left/Right Arrow. (Windows key is one between Ctrl & Alt).
  • To Maximise a window, Windows Key + Up arrow and to return window back to size it was before (or to minimise from a non-full screen window), Windows Key + Down arrow.
  •  To move your active window to the other monitor, you can use Windows Key + Shift + Left/Right arrow. 
  • Also, less likely to be useful but if for any reason you want to temporarily switch back to one monitor, or duplicate your main monitor onto the second monitor, you can use Windows Key + P.  This toggles between:


Computer Only – Uses main monitor only

Duplicate – Duplicates main monitor onto both monitors

Extend – Extends desktop across both monitors (normal operating mode)

Projector Only – Uses second monitor only



Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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