Surface Pro BIOS and Resetting from overheating or panic attack

I’ve been using the Surface Pro for sometime now and love it. But it does have a tendency to have panic attacks!

This can be due to overheating or confusion with updates or when running highly intensive graphics e.g. my son playing Minecraft.

You suddenly find that the Surface Pro will not boot up – when pressing the power button you either get nothing at all or you get the low battery icon appearing and then it shuts down even though you are connected to mains power – and the white power light is lit up.

Looking on one side of the Surface Pro when you attempt to power up there is a series of orange lights that flash and blink – no idea what these mean, can anyone enlighten me?

Anyway, I have found that one of the following methods usually gets things going again:

Enter the UEFI BIOS and then restart. To enter the BIOS:

1. Press the volume up button and hold down for 15 seconds.

2. Press the power button on and off.

3. The UEFI screen should appear from which you can restart.

Other methods:

1. Repeatedly press the power button 30 times half a second apart.

2. If it boots then great otherwise on the 30th attempt keep the power button pressed for 30 seconds.

3. Release the power button and it should boot.


1. Disconnect from power supply.

2. Press power button again.

If still not working, power it off and leave it for 1 hour and then try again.

If you still have no luck then get onto Microsoft – I have found their support for the Surface very good:


Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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