During my long commute I like to catch up on the news. In the old days this would have consisted of a reading a newspaper. Yes, reading actual print on a piece of paper.

I still read a print newspaper occasionally but only if I have obtained it free from my local supermarket e.g. spend over £5 at Waitrose and get a paper free deal.

I did start reading newspapers online, which were mostly free, but soon got bored with that format. It’s just not the same as scanning a whole 2 pages of headlines for something you’re interested in.

Then I moved onto RSS feed aggregators – programmes that will automatically download RSS feeds from websites. These give you the headlines and you click on the article to read the rest.

As time went on I found myself reading less and less mainstream headline news articles and was concentrating much more on tech news. Nowadays this is all I read on my daily commute – I just don’t have the time or the inclination to read all that bad news. It also frees up time to read ebooks – again mostly tech related these days.

To read RSS feeds you need a tablet of some kind and I have been using a Microsoft Surface Pro 1 since it launched in the UK (May 2013 I believe). This is still a joy to use and I have not felt the need to upgrade to the more recent models, yet…

Trying to find a decent RSS aggregator programme was difficult – there were not many apps on the Microsoft store to begin with. Eventually I stumbled across ‘Daily Aha’ from Yisoubi Co. Ltd. This worked really well compared to other offerings. However, on a couple of occasions it just seemed to freeze up and wouldn’t load even after a hard reset of the surface pro. After the 2nd freeze up I wasn’t prepared to re-install and reconnect all my RSS feeds again so I got onto Yisoubi support. They were very quick to respond and after going through a few checks via email they pointed out that a new version of the programme was available entitled ‘newsXpresso Pro’. This version was compatible with Windows 8.1, which was probably the reason for the freeze ups in Daily Aha after I had upgraded windows at some point.

‘newsXpresso’ has the same intuitive interface as Daily Aha with some welcome extra features. Here’s a screen shot:


I would recommend this programme to anyone wanting an RSS aggregator on their tablet – looks like apple and android version also exist: and remember, it’s free!


Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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