New anonymous search tool

I’m always on the look out for better search engines – not just with the results they provide but that also don’t track or store your searches like Google, Bing et al do.

We used to have Scroogle but they died some years ago. Since then I have been using as my default engine. It’s ok but suffers from being US based – i’m in the UK so I do find myself using when i’m searching for something specific to the UK.

But now we have something much better –

Not only is it an anonymous search engine but it also collates it’s results from all the other search engines. If you search for something then the results are listed with a text icon indicating where the result has come from – Google, Duckduckgo, Wikipedia (directly!) etc. All this can be customised in the preferences – so if you don’t want Google results you can specify that. It’s also very fast. Fantastic!

It’s too early to say if it solves the location problem of getting too many US based results but i’ll report back on that once I have used it for some time. I highly recommend you set this as your default search engine.

It’s also part of a privacy advisory site – -which is a site dedicated to giving you the latest advise on privacy software tools – encryption, VPNs, browsers etc. An excellent resource and well worth checking out.


Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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