My Firefox settings – retaining some cookies whilst deleting everything else on exit

I’ve been using the Firefox web browser since release 39 in 2015 which imrpoved the product greatly.

This completely replaced my day to day use of Chrome and Internet Explorer – although I still have those installed for testing purposes and occasionally to access some websites or local admin web pages that don’t work with Firefox.

Over this time I have perfected the settings I use so that when existingt the browser all history is deleted – apart from cookies that I want to keep.

Here’s my basic privacy settings:


Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows: I believe this only really works when you are in Private Browsing Mode but no harm in having it switched on anyway.

I also turn on Do Not Track – click “manage your Do Not Track settings”:


As you can see I set some custom settings whereby nothing is remembered and all history is deleted on exit.

The only exception is with cookies – I manage them using a separate add-on. This is because Firefox only allows a blanket approach whereby all cookies are deleted or none at all, but I want to specify some cookies that I want to keep.

Under Settings for Deleting History I have:


I’m not too worried about Site Preferences (zoom level, encoding etc.) so I leave that unticked. I also leave cookies unticked. So everything is deleted on exit apart from Cookies and Site Preferences.

To manage my cookies I use an add-on: selectivecookiedelete, which can be found by searching the Firefox add-ons store (go to Options menu (top right) and choose Add-ons). The add-on page is:

I went though many cookie management add-ons and found this add-on to be by far the best mainly due to the management options.

If you go to the instgalled add-ons page and click options next to the selectivecookiedelete add-on you will get the following preferences dialog box:


As you can see there is an option to automatically remove cookies when Firefox closes but you can also set a whitelist:


As you can see I don’t have many exceptions! The is a good example – this is the search engine I use by default – which has preferences which gear the search results towards your geography i.e. English UK. It stores that preference in a cookie so I want that cookie kept so that I don’t have to set the preference every time I do a search.

The left hand side will display any cookies you have in your current session so to add new whitelisted cookies go to the website in question then to the whitelist and select from left to add to right.

I find this setup works really well and gives me good protection from tracking etc.

Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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