BreakthePaywall New Releases

It’s been a busy week at BreakthePaywall the browser app from IslandEarth that enables you to easily circumvent paywalls such as and that implement search indexing and social media workarounds.

The site recently announced that they are stopping the use of Google One Click Free – this allows their site to be indexed for searching purposes and in return allows people who search for their articles on Googles search engine to view the articles without having to pay. However, they are still allowing social media links such as to have free access. This is interesting – a possible turning point in the history of the internet, Google is now not all powerful, perhaps Facebook is now the dominant force?

So this prompted us to update the BreakthePaywall utility for Internet Explorer – 2.1.0 is now available for use in IE on Windows XP and above including Windows 10. If you are using the new Microsoft Edge browser under Windows 10 then we have submitted an extension for certification so hopefully available soon.

In addition we also updated the Opera browser version to This is available for download from the BreakthePaywall website. This is the same add-on that we had for the Google Chrome browser which was taken down by Google last year – we have re-submitted the Chrome version under the name ‘BTPW’ and it has been accepted and is available from the Chrome store – just search for BTPW.

Firefox also now uses the same browser engine as Chrome and Opera (MS Edge also uses the same engine but with the usual MS oddities) so we also ported the add-on to a Firefox version which is available from the Firefox add-on store. Again just search for BTPW.

So we now have a version of BreakthePaywall for all major browsers with MS Edge coming soon.

Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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