Cummings exposes lying Government

So it takes the disgraced Dominic Cummings, former advisor to the Prime Minister, for the media to actually start reporting the lies about Covid the UK Government has made and persisted with over the last 18 months.

The infamous press briefing in the Spring of last year where Matt Hancock announced a ‘Protective Shield’ around care homes will go down as a defining moment in the whole Covid saga. A complete lie that everyone knew was a lie – yes the press reported ‘problems’ with that announcement that implied it wasn’t true but then quickly dropped any further news on the matter. They should have been banging on and on about it and calling the Health Secretary out until the truth came out. We learn from Cummings that Johnson was not aware that there was no protective shield – well everyone else knew so either he did know and perpetuated the lie or he is completely incompetent.

The Government’s continuing assertion to this day that travel restrictions are not the answer despite all the evidence to the contrary and against leading advisors throughout this pandemic is extraordinary. Last Spring it was obvious we needed to close our borders but absolutely nothing was done. Throughout most of last year people were allowed to travel by plane into and out of the country at will. Thousands every day going through our airports, other transport links and even visiting for extended stays without any checks. Some restrictions were finally brought in this year but even then travellers circumvented them – travelling via other countries to avoid coming from red listed countries (hence the latest rise in the so called ‘Indian’ variant). Again the media have been extraordinarily quiet on this most essential pandemic policy matter.

And lastly, the Government’s blatant refusal to accept that their original plan was to allow the virus to rip and achieve herd immunity instead of locking down the country and closing our borders. Going by the previous two examples of Hancock’s and Johnson’s incompetence it actually looks like this plan was the one being used all along. The eventual lockdowns were just for political expediency! Everyone knows that herd immunity was their original plan, Cummings has exposed this even further – the media once again dropped the baton.

As Cummings said – we should have expected more from our Government at this time of crisis. Thousands of lives were lost because of that. We should also have expected more from our media.

Author: James

IT Manager - Network, Web coding, MS SQL and Online Mapping expert

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