PTR records not being updated when using DHCP

We use DHCP for our desktop connections and noticed that the PTR records (Reverse lookup records) in DNS were not being updated when leases expired in DHCP, resulting in multiple records for the same IP number.

This had not caused any problems until we added monitoring and began remotely managing our desktops – we could not reply on the results as the monitoring was relying on DNS records to update the list of desktops.

The solution was to add our DNS servers to a special security group called: DNSUpdateProxy. Achieve this within active directory – make the server a member of this security group:


As soon as we did this the PTR records were deleted when the DHCP lease expired.


Getting HP server product code from Insight Manager

We don’t store product codes in our asset database but HP sometimes require it when you call them or access download areas online.

Rather than having to pull the server out of the rack and fiddle about trying to find the product code you can obtain it from the Insight Manager home page.

Go to the Insight manager home page of server, go to system configuration section, select System Summary (select Show All if not shown in the list), the Product code is listed under Asset Control Information section – Product Number:


How to block LSO’s (Flash cookies)

Traditionally it has been difficult to lock down flash so that locally stored objects (flash cookies) are blocked – LSO’s are not required for flash to work and are purely used for tracking. But, the latest version of Flash has completely changed its privacy system.

It now obeys the browsers settings.

So if you have IE set to delete all content on exit (like I do) the flash cookies will also be deleted.

Good stuff, but this does not prevent flash cookies in the first place – however, you can set flash to block all LSO’s by right clicking, choosing Global Settings and setting block options. This seems to work for all sites I have come across i.e. flash still works and nothing is created.

I assume this change has come about due to the new European privacy laws on cookies coming into force 🙂

Note: if you do not want to block all cookies you still have to use the old method on the Adobe site settings page: This is also the only place where you can turn off allowing third party flash cookies – browser settings are not used for this.

Resetting XP Administrator Password

Was upgrading my management desktop recently and somehow forgot the admin password – nightmare!

Anyway, found this excellent resource:

You download a CD image, create the CD, boot to the CD which loads a linux variant and the utility. You can then follow the menu instructions to reset the admin password – their FAQ was useful.

Worked perfectly and their CD now sits in my utilities box.