Rotate Screen in Windows

Walked into the office the other day and the receptionists screen image was rotated by 90 degrees – see below!

We desparately tried to work out how to resolve it whilst twisting our heads and getting a sore neck in the process.

To avoid getting a sore neck use the following key strokes to resolve:

Press the Ctrl and Alt keys together and then press one of the arrow keys:

Ctrl Alt up arrow (normal screen)
Ctrl Alt right arrow (rotate 270°)
Ctrl Alt left arrow (rotate 90°)
Ctrl Alt down arrow (rotate 180°)

A full list of Microsoft keystrokes can be found here:, but the ones above are not listed for some reason.

Image of rotated desktop

Image of rotated desktop

Can only assume that the cleaners accidently hit one of the keystrokes overnight.