Download videos from You Tube for offline viewing

Another useful add-on for Firefox is a utility for downloading videos from you tube.

Like many, my commute to work doesn’t always include a good wi-fi connection or a decent mobile signal and I just hate that buffering that goes on when streaming videos. So downloading for offline access is essential.

YouTube does not supply a download facility but luckily it doesn’t seem too difficult to add that functionality going by the plethora of add-ons that are available to do just that!

I had to trawl through quite a few – some rubbish, some ok – before finding the perfect one:

And it’s Github page:

It’s really simple to use. Once installed it adds a Download button to any YouTube page:


Click on the button and you will get a choice of videos to download in terms of quality e.g. 1080P, 720P, 360P etc, in MP4 format. You can then choose where to download the file with a standard Save As dialog.

Be warned that YouTube are testing and rolling out a new interface in which this add-on does not work. I’m sure the developers will update to the new interface at some point but in the meantime switch to the YouTube classic interface instead.